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Everyone's talking about it! We are part craft fair, part farmer's market, part music concert ... 100% community fun!

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Our inaugural event on Mother's Day, 2017, was a hit! 

We are thrilled to announce the next Redding Hive event on September 9, 2017, also was a huge success!

Join us lakeside at the naturally stunning Topstone Park, Redding, CT, this May 19, 2019!

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Do you have a unique product?

Yummy food?

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Let us know! We work hard curating to provide a quality event for both vendors and their customers.

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• Why "The Redding Hive?"

We wanted to evoke a sense of community, where everyone has a place. Oh, yeah, and it sounds edgy!

• Why Topstone?

The Town of Redding was gracious enough to offer this site at very reasonable terms, which we are able to pass onto vendors. We hope to rotate around Redding in order to highlight our "gems" and also to accommodate different seasonal needs.